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Baby how I am supposed to love you,
How am I supposed to take care of you?
When you won't let me in.

I try so hard to so to show you that you can depend on me,
To be the shoulder you can lean on
All I want is for you just to let me see what you're feeling,
No matter how hard I push,
I am pushed back even farther.

Baby how are we supposed to be together,
When we can't communicate?
When I can't be let in when your hurting?
My heart breaks because I can't help you,
My soul is dying because you won't even give me a chance.

Baby I love you
Please let me in
I am crying out for you to let me out of the darkness on the outside,
And let into the light of your heart.

Baby if you don't let me in,
How are we supposed to get through?
How can you truly love me,
When I can't be let in to see the hurt that your hiding from me,
When I am shoved away for trying...

Baby what would you have me do?
I'm trying to save us,
I'm trying to save you...
Relationships can suck... Just saying
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April 19, 2012
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